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This is an interim version of our website.

Ryoku is a German netlabel which has focused on the worldwide release of electronic music. What inspires us is the sound of classic Chicago and Detroit House.

We promote talents and provide a platform for ambitious dance music in high quality. We publish by conviction all the tracks and covers under Creative Commons.

We love quality. Thus all tracks are optionally available as MP3 file coded with 320 Kbps. The Netlabel was founded by Daniel Weberruß in the context of the practical part of his Master thesis »Open Culture« at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, 2015.

Concept & Design

Daniel Weberruß (M.A.), Visual Communication


Tobias Gebert (B.A.), Visual Communication and Coding

Additional Coding

Steffen Henschel (B.A.), Interactive Design and Coding


Prof. Dr. Petra Eisele, Prof. Dr. Isabel Naegele,

Prof. Philipp Pape, Prof. Holger Reckter,

Prof. Bettina Tabel

University of Applied Sciences Mainz,

Communication Design, Masters Programme, Gutenberg-Intermedia


Bluu, Jean-Baptiste Morizot, SIL Open Font License

CMU Serif, Andrey V. Panov, SIL Open Font License


Some rights reserved. All tracks are released under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND.

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